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ABOUT The “Working moms who side hustlE” podcast:

Are you a working mom dreaming about starting and building a side business?  Or maybe you already have a side hustle but are looking for a community of working mom side hustlers— just like you.  On the show, we interview working mom side hustlers (who work a full time day job) to discover how they manage it all.  And we'll bring you subject matter experts to dish out advice for your biz and life. You’ll get a healthy dose of actionable advice on time management, networking, marketing and mindset, plus tons of inspiration to get you going and keep you moving toward reaching your side hustle dreams!  


Welcome to Mom Remix—the hub for working moms who side hustle.

We help working moms go from scratch to launching their side hustle (even with kids and a 9-5!). Learn how to Build a work from home business or online business —Earn Some extra income to help you finance the things you’ve always wanted to do, while doing something you love!

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Why you need a side hustle.

There are many good reasons why you should start a side hustle.

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The statistics don’t lie.

We're now in the "Fourth Industrial Revolution" where the work we do is affected by increasing automation.

Our economy has been called the "gig economy" and the "liquid workforce" because companies are embracing freelancers more than ever.

Some estimates predict that 50% of the workforce will be made up of freelancers by 2027.

Having a side hustle allows you to build skills that you aren't developing at your 9-5 so that you stay relevant.

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YOU HAVE A MESSAGE AND dream of getting it out into the world.

Have you always dreamed of being a broadcast journalist or reporter? A poet or a writer? Or a graphic designer or scriptwriter?

Do you love to tell jokes? Or play the guitar and sing?

With technology, there are no barriers to entry. There are no gatekeepers.

There’s no one keeping you from getting your message and your voice out into the world.

What’s holding you back?


you could use some extra cash to do the things that are out of reach right now.

It’s one of your deepest desires to travel with your kids, to experience the world with them. You’ve had to turn down invitations for travel sports because it was too costly.

You’d love to enroll your kids in private tennis lessons or music lessons.

Your side hustle could help you achieve these dreams for you and your family.

No idea? No problem.

Get started brainstorming some side hustle biz ideas.

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Why you shouldn’t leave your day job.

Your day job might not be perfect, but it’s still a good idea to stay put and experiment on the side.

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you don’t have to worry or stress about paying the bills.

You hear advice like “pursue your passions” and “don’t spend another day at a job you don’t like”. But is quitting your 9-5 the answer? It’s not as clear cut as some gurus make it out to be. We live in the real world and we have real world obligations and responsibilities. Sometimes, it would simply be irresponsible to quit the day job. Why not test things out on the side while having the peace of mind that you know your bills are covered?

You already have marketable skills from your day job that give you the Experience and credibility to launch your side hustle.

It’s a win-win! Even if the stuff you get paid for at your 9-5 isn’t an exact match to what you want to do with your side hustle, the skills are likely transferable and can help you build and launch your side biz. And you’re getting paid to develop those skills by your day job! How cool is that?

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you love your job and don’t want to leave it!

The simplest and best reason of all. If you love your job, why would you leave it? Don’t let your day job limit your possibilities. Loving your day job gives you even more freedom and latitude to experiment with your other passion on the side, because there’s no pressure to get out!

I know you’re busy, and you don’t have time. Let me help you get the time to focus on your side hustle.

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Trust me when I say I get it. You’ve got kids, you’re a good mom (at least, you’re trying your best to be!) and you’ve got your day job. But the thing is, you’ve got this dream. A dream to live life on your own terms, to be the master of your own ship, to pursue what you love, to leave a legacy and to be the best example for your kids. In your dream, you truly go for it, and by doing so, you show your kids that they should always shoot for the stars.

The thing is—you just don’t have the time to even think about getting started.

Instead of buying another $0.99 app or a $49 planner, join me for a free 5-day Training and Challenge to get more time in your life, so that you can do the things that matter most.  Like finally starting that side hustle you’ve been dreaming about.

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Do the challenge because the system works.
— Tracie M., Working Mom & Director of Sales
I felt like this was meant for me, you struck a chord.
It really kind of made me stop and realize that I am just winging it everyday.
— Kelly T., Working Mom & Client Benefits Coordinator

What’s the cost to you?

What will it cost you to stay exactly where you are?

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you stay stuck in your corporate cubicle, literally and figuratively.

If you don’t love your job and dream of doing something more meaningful and enjoyable, you need to take action. Because doing nothing will result in the same thing = nothing.

So, if you long for something more--to share your message with the world, to develop your skills, to work on your passion project and get paid for it, and to earn some side income, a side hustle is a good place to start.

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You’ll be left dreaming about lost opportunities.

If you don’t take action, you’ll only be able to afford what you make with your current salary. Even small amounts made with a side hustle can help you to afford some things you’d normally have to pass up.

Earn enough to defray travel ball costs and enroll your kids in private music lessons. Go from the occasional family vacation to a yearly vacation experience!

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Your talents and superpowers will remain safely under wraps AND NO ONE WILL KNOW ABOUT THEM.

We all have talents and superpowers. What's yours and why is it a secret?

When the skills you currently use at your 9-5 are totally different from the gifts and talents inside of you, the work feels stifling, dull, and tedious. It definitely feels like a J-O-B.

Having a side hustle means you can explore and develop those superpowers (a.k.a. the work you were meant to do) on the side and without risk!


Go from dreaming to launching.

Imagine the future YOU…

  1. being able to pursue the things you love and are passionate about, while still having the security of your day job;

  2. getting paid to do what you’re meant to do; and

  3. finally launching your side biz out into the world!

It is possible! Even with a 9-5 and kids.

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