about me.

I'm a working mom with a terrific 9-5 + a Communications Coaching and Consulting biz on the side.

I have two sons who play basketball and baseball year round. If you ever need to find me in the evening or on weekends, check out the basketball court or baseball field—that’s most likely where I’ll be. And if not, I’m at home reading a book or typing away on my MacBook.

I love podcasts—listening to them and creating them. As a podcaster, I get to exercise my creativity by weaving together the interview/spoken words, the voice-overs, and the music into a pleasing and informative podcast episode.

I hope you love the end product!

P.S. If you’re a working mom with a communications challenge or high-stakes event (like a presentation/speech, an interview, a meeting that you need to spearhead, a video presentation), please visit my coaching and consulting website here to discover how I can help you.