Working Moms Who Side Hustle Podcast Ep. 1: Reigniting a Passion for Fitness and Creating a Side Hustle Business Totally Unrelated to Your 9-5 Day Job with Allison Jackson


On the first episode of the podcast, we talk with Allison Jackson of Allison Jackson Fitness. Allison is a full-time Corporate Communications Consultant with two teenage children. Growing up, fitness was always a passion and a big part of her life—she played field hockey in high school and college, and even considered a career revolving around fitness.

Like many of us, Allison ended up in a career that had nothing to do with her passion. She ended up in Corporate Communications, and has been working full-time in this field for the past 11 years.

About seven years ago, she decided to cross off an item from her bucket list by entering a figure competition. Allison describes a figure competition as “body building meets beauty pageant”. Since that time, she’s won several competitions, earned her “Pro” card, and will make her pro debut some time this year!

Her start in the Fitness and Nutrition Coaching arena started about three years ago when someone told her that she should coach others as a business. That was, as she described it, her “light bulb moment”. Once she decided to “just do it now” (instead of waiting five years for her kids to go to college), she bartered with a co-worker to get her social media up and website up and running and started coaching people for free.

Once she developed her system, she started taking individual coaching clients. In her first year, she got 1-2 clients. In her second year she was able to increase her clientele to 12-15 clients. Then, she made a decision to stop “spinning her wheels” and go “all in” with her social media strategy. Since then, she started an 8-week group coaching program called “Blast the Fat” and enrolled 8 clients in her first round!

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Resources mentioned in the show:

1. NASM (National Academy for Sports Medicine):

2. Precision Nutrition:

3. My Fitness Pal (Allison referenced a phone app, and you can download the app from the website):

4. 90X Goal Planner (I’m going to check this one out myself!):

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