Working Moms Who Side Hustle Podcast Ep. 10: Anger as a Catalyst to Launching a Coaching Business with Marlis Huebner


I’m so excited that we’ve reached a mini milestone by releasing our 10th podcast episode today!

Our guest on the show today is Marlis Huebner. Marlis earned her Ph.D. in Biotechnology from the University of Cambridge, is married to a fellow scientist (who she met at the University) and is a mom to two children, ages 9 and 6. The Huebner family put roots down in their native Germany after “country hopping” and living in the United States for two years.

After her daughter was born, Marlis said “things really started to fall apart”. She was struggling to find a balance with all the things that go with being a working mom—trying to be the best Manager at her Corporate job, and the best mom and wife she could be. Marlis said she felt like she was “succeeding in my career but failing as a Mom", and she began to blame her job. And she got angry.

Once she recognized that her anger was impacting her relationship with her kids, she decided to try to find a way to resolve her anger. She began taking entrepreneurship classes to investigate options to get out of her current Corporate career. Along the way, she discovered the mindset that helped her to overcome her anger issues.

After about a year of working on herself through seminars, classes, and books, a noticeable shift occurred and moms at her workplace began commenting on the positive changes they noticed about her. And this is the genesis of Marlis’ coaching business.

Now, Marlis helps working moms balance work and home, and aims to help 500 women each year through her business.

Listen to the show to discover how Marlis got her first client, and to hear about the surprises and stumbling blocks she faced as she began to grow her side hustle.

More About Marlis:

Marlis is the creator of the coaching program Craft1Life for career moms who want to stop being slaves of their business and live ONE thriving career AND family life without cutting short on one or the other. She developed this program because she realized that work-life balance strategies were not working for her. In fact, they made her feel 'on' all the time as she was trying to balance kids activities with last-minute meeting preparations, cooking dinner, paying bills, listening to the husband and you name it. The list goes on and on.

She looked for a better way. Craft1Life is all about the integration of career and family into the one life we have. It is not an either or, it is an AND because we as working moms deserve to have a successful career without the mom-label holding us back or the career-label being held against us. Work-life balance is the old way, career-family integration is a new way.

Her Ph.D. years in Life-sciences at the University of Cambridge taught her the skills to look at every problem as an opportunity that wants to be solved.

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