Working Moms Who Side Hustle Podcast Ep. 14: How To Structure An Online Course (or any Offer) for Maximum Engagement with Debbie Aurelius

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On the show today, we have Debbie Aurelius of Peppermint Fish. Debbie is a professional communicator and specializes in digital communications.

Debbie’s path to Peppermint Fish wasn’t linear in any way. Her first career was in commercial insurance and after a while, she ended up in Learning and Development, and eventually, in digital communications.

After commuting three hours (one-way) to her Corporate job for a year, she decided to open up her own digital communications agency. At Peppermint Fish, she helps clients with end to end processes on producing podcasts, webinars, and courses.

I asked Debbie to speak to our audience of working mompreneurs about creating a course. Although we don’t get into all of the technical details, we get into the process of how to think about the content and structure of building out your course. And even if you’re not building a course, her advice can be applied to any program or offer that you’re working on for your business.

If you’re developing any kind of program, offer, or course, and you’re struggling with knowing where to start and how to structure it, you need to listen to this episode!

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