Working Moms Who Side Hustle Podcast Ep. 3: How To Blast Through Mindset Blocks to Launch and Grow Your Side Hustle Business

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Today’s episode is a solo show where we talk about about blasting through and moving past these four common mindset blocks (that are holding you back from launching and growing your side hustle business):

  1. I’m too old

  2. It’s too late

  3. I can’t learn new skills and keep up with all of this techy stuff; and

  4. I don’t have time

(Below is a rough transcript of the show)

I’ve struggled with ALL of these and I’ve been able to move past them to launch several blogs as well as my own podcast. What kind of impact can you have if you finally launched your biz into the world? How many people can you help?

In order to get the most out of this show, I’m going to ask you to do four things while listening:

  1. Have an open mind to what I’m saying

  2. Allow yourself to question assumptions.  Ask yourself how did you come to believe the naysaying thoughts, and how do you even know they are true?

  3. Think differently and

  4. Change your mindset

I’m going to show how thinking about things differently and changing your mindset will help you to BANISH these objections or at least move past them, so that you can get your business off the ground and launched!

First, many of you think you’re too old and that it’s just too late to get started.  I get it.  I’m 47, and there’s a lot of people in the online space that are A LOT younger than me.  BUT, despite that, no one ever said you can’t get started with your online business because you’re 44, or 50, or whatever age you are that you think you’re precluded from starting your dream side hustle.  

Yes, there are age limitations for some things, for example, like joining the FBI or becoming a professional athlete, but that’s not what we’re talking about here.  

We’re talking about designing your own life.  Choosing a side hustle that fits into your lifestyle that will allow you to live the life YOU want.  There’s no upper age limit for that.  There’s no side hustle rule book that says you need to start by a certain age in order to launch or be successful.

If you want to start a side business teaching art lessons for a group of kids, or start your own mom blog, or become a virtual assistant, or sell your handmade jewelry online in an Etsy Store—there’s no ceiling on your age for that.  There might be other limitations, for sure, but AGE isn’t one of them.

So, to help you get over this age-ism in your mind, I want to tell you about a bunch of people that got their businesses or careers started later in life.  Most are household names or businesses and up until now, you had no idea what their back story was.  Now you know.  In this rundown, I’ve included folks that started in their 40’s and later!  Here we go:

Duncan Hines-wrote his first food and hotel guide started at 55.  Licensed cake mix at 73.

Julia Child-wrote her first cookbook at 50.  Launched her career as a celebrity chef at 65.

Harland Sanders (KFC)-franchised KFC at 52

Martha Stewart- published her first book “Entertaining” at 41 and created her Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Company at 56

Tim and Nina Zagat- published their first restaurant guide at 51

Sam Walton-opened the first Wal-Mart at 44

Joy Behar- The Host of “The View” was a HS English teacher before breaking into show biz at age 40

Donald Fisher- founded The GAP at 41

Stan Lee- created the Fantastic 4 at age 39 and the Marvel Universe after that

Vera Wang- designed her first wedding dress at age 40

Lynda Weinman- launched at age 42

OK, so maybe not all of those examples are working moms.  But there’s lots of moms out there, just like you, who started their side business AND grew it to be successful later in life.  They may not be on this list, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.  

Are you convinced yet?  I hope so.  That voice in your head telling you that you’re too old—learn to smash it as soon as the thought enters your mind (or at least learn to ignore it)!

Moving on to the next objection—you think it’s too late. 

Maybe this is how you went about it.  You got an idea for your side hustle business, you got really excited, went online and you see other moms and what seems like pages and pages of people in your google search doing exactly what you’ve been thinking about. So you get discouraged and you give up.  You think—there’s just too much competition and you’re getting into the game too late.

I want to encourage you to think about this differently.  In fact, I want you to think about it in the the opposite way.  Is competition actually a bad thing?  

Many people think they need to be the first to market with their product or service. But wouldn’t it actually be easier to have people who have gone before you, that you can study and figure out what works in your niche?

If there’s competition in the marketplace, that means there’s an audience.  It means there are buyers.  It means there is money to be made.  If you were first to market, all of those things you would not know for certain.  You’d be the one to test the waters, to see if there are people who want what you have and if it’s a profitable niche to do business in.  

I saw the movie “A Star is Born” when it first came out last year.  So, at the end of the movie, the main character’s brother talks to Lady Gaga.  He told her what his brother, the main character, said about music:  “Jackson would say that music is essentially any note between twelve octaves.  Twelve notes and the octave repeats.  It’s the same story told over and over.  All that the artist can offer the world is how they see those twelve notes.”  

He went on to explain to Lady Gaga how his brother told him that the way SHE interpreted and how SHE sang those twelve notes were the most beautiful thing.  

What he’s saying is that everything has been done before.  It’s the way that you say it, in your own voice, that makes it special and will distinguish you from everyone else in the marketplace.  When you bring your special brand, which is made up of your personality, your skills, and your life experience, NO ONE else has that. 

So I’m here to tell you that there really isn’t anything that hasn’t been said or done before.  As they say, there’s no unique messages, only the unique messengers.  So, go out and stomp on the objection you’ve created in your mind, that it’s too late to get started.  

Moving on to that belief in your mind that you just can’t keep up with, and learn all this new technology. Back in the day, the prevailing wisdom was that there was a critical period of learning, from birth to around age 5. When my son was born, I remember there was this rush to try to get them as much enrichment as possible, starting from the womb.  We did classical music, baby sign language, and Baby Einstein (I don’t know if any of you are old enough to know what that is—Baby Einstein was a DVD “educational” series that played classical music in the background and that would supposedly mold our babies into really smart kids, and I bought into it— along with a LOT of other moms at that time).  In fact, I paid big bucks to get the entire collection.  

But now we know that the notion of this “critical period of learning” simply isn’t true.  

I want to introduce you to a concept called Neuroplasticity.  The definition in Wikipedia is the “brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout life”.   In plain talk, it means our brain are plastic and can change throughout our lifetime.

I saw Dr. Lara Boyd’s TEDX Talk, called “After Watching This, Your Brain Will Not Be The Same”.  Dr. Boyd is a neuroscientist, and in her talk, she discusses what she and other brain researchers have discovered in their research.

She says that you’re actually reshaping your brain every time you learn a new fact or skill.  Researchers found that even patients with brain damage from stroke can reshape their brains, and that the best driver of neuroplastic change is your own behavior.

So what does all of this have to do with you?  Well, there’s good news here for you working mom side hustlers—Dr. Boyd said that “Increased difficulty and struggle bring about the greatest structural change” to your brain.

So the more we struggle with difficult things, the more we are reshaping our brains.  So, just imagine.  You’re just getting started with your new mommy blog, and you have to learn about domain names, web hosting, SEO, writing and publishing content, and marketing. I learned all of that and then I had to learn a whole new set of skills when I started this podcast, and I’m continuing to struggle every. single. day.  So, all of the struggle and all the problems and hurdles you’re going to face and need to figure out is actually helping you to reshape your brain.  

So, here’s the takeaway:  You can change your brain by challenging yourself to learn new things.  Your brain is plastic, which means you can mold it with the things that you do with your mind.  And all of that means that you CAN learn new skills and technology.  And that my friends, is backed by science.  So there goes Objection #3—it’s GONE.

Now, moving on to the fourth objection.  After doing a ton of personal development on my own, this is one that I continue to struggle with.  This is the one that is really REAL.  It’s the lack of time.  And as a fellow working mom with a day job and kids, I know the struggle and I know that our time is super limited.  

If you’re serious about pursuing a side hustle business, you need to reframe the way that you think about time.  Period.  We need to move away from the concept that time controls us, and we need to put us back in the driver’s seat.  I know, I know.  The notion that you have control over your time as a working mom might sound pretty crazy to you. I get it.  My days are spent mostly running around from work to school to kids’ activities and there’s so much about my life that quite frankly doesn’t feel like a choice to me.  But since I was determined to get my side hustle off the ground, I decided to swallow that rather large and unpalatable truth that I might actually have more time than I thought.  And when I changed my mindset to believing I could find more time in my busy life and that it was under my own control, it freed me up to figure it out.  

No, there’s no magic wand, and since there’s no way to actually manufacture more time, you have to find the pockets of time to work on your business.  

I read the book “I Know How She Does It” by Laura Vanderkam.  She’s a productivity and time management expert so she studies this stuff.  One of the most important things I got from her book was that she said we should reframe our thinking from only having 24 hours in one day to get things done to 168 hours in a week.  When we look at all of the things we need to do through a lens of 24 hours per day, it’s overwhelming and defeating, because there’s no way we can get it all done in one day.  But if we change our way of thinking about time, and start thinking about it in increments of 168 hours, or one week at a time instead, it’s less defeating and gives us more of a broader perspective over our time. When we look at our schedule over the course of a week, it enables us to get to the things that are important to us. 

Let’s think about this practically.  For example, If you want to start a mom blog, your to-do list for tomorrow look might  like this:  work on blog, which would include sub-tasks to come up with a mom blog name, investigate blog hosts and platforms, get a domain name, and design your home page.  But those tasks get interspersed with household tasks like fill out physical forms for kids sports, sign up kids for summer school, plan dinner menu, go grocery shopping, and buy card and gift for birthday party.  

What ends up happening?  You figure out what you’re making for dinner, you go grocery shopping, and you sign up the kids for summer school.  

Then, the next day you carry over the stuff that didn’t get done, and you add on more stuff, and it’s human nature—you tend to check off the boxes next to the easy and quick stuff, right?  And before you know it, the entire week and month has gone by and you still haven’t decided what your mommy blog name is going to be.  And you say to yourself, I just don’t have time for this blog or side hustle thing.

I’m here to tell you it can be done.  Your business won’t be up and running overnight and you likely won’t be able to quit your day job in a month.  But you can start and build a side business, if you’re intentional about your time.

Here’s how to get started:

First, track your time for at least one week.  This is super important because how will you find the time if you don’t know how you’re spending your time?  Then, the next step is to evaluate your time sheet, block out the non-negotiable stuff like your day job, kids’ activities, and commute time.  Then, eliminate some of your time wasting activities.  Can you cut out some TV, or time spent on social media?  Once that’s done, start planning out the week ahead.  Structure your to-do list over a week’s time of 168 hours as opposed to a 24-hour daily checklist.  Just by doing this alone, I promise you that you should be able to find pockets of time to work on your business.

Remember to give yourself some grace.  You’re a working mom, and you don’t have all the time in the world.  You might only have one hour a day, three times a week and a few hours on the weekend.  Those 5 hours a week don’t seem like much.  You may not feel like you’re making much progress.  But it adds up over time.  Find the time that you do have and make sure you’re using it wisely.  

So, to sum up how to get over this very real objection of not having enough time, challenge our assumption that you don’t have the time.  Change your thinking from “I don’t have time” to “I don’t have a lot of time but I maximize the time that I do have”.

There’s so many different ways working moms are finding the time to work on their side hustles.  Whatever you do—the main point here is to stop the scripts running in your head that you don’t have time.  Change your mindset and then do what works for you.

I have a system that I use that has been life changing.  The difference is that the system I use is importance based.  What that means is that it allows me to prioritize the important things in my life and ensure they get done, as opposed to busily checking off less important busy work off of a checklist. If you’ve tried other strategies that didn’t work in the past, and you’d like to try the system that I use, sign up below:


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