Working Moms Who Side Hustle Podcast Ep. 4: Overcoming Self-Doubt to Create a Thriving Local Tutoring Side Hustle Business with Maria Halcumb

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At some point in this journey of life (and side hustling), you will suffer from self doubt. Some people call it imposter syndrome—you don’t feel like you’re good enough and you wonder to yourself “who am I to be doing this”?

On this episode of the podcast, Maria Halcumb of Literally Simple joins us to talk about overcoming her own self-doubt in order to launch her local tutoring side business.

Maria got her current full-time job from an online instruction company that she had been side hustling for while teaching at a middle school. She now has a full-time job teaching classes online and designing curriculum remotely from home.

But after a few years, Maria began to miss the classroom and the face to face interactions she previously had with her students. At around the same time, she found out about a Community Leadership Class and decided she wanted to take it. The class cost $3,000.00.

Although Maria has a Master’s Degree in Reading Instruction as well as teaching experience in the classroom, she still faced self-doubt when she considered starting her tutoring side business. She pushed past it and launched her business in the Spring two years ago. In about a month, she got her first few clients, and it snowballed from there. She made enough money in her first year to pay for the $3,000 class, along with a laptop, her website, and supplies including business cards.

Maria discusses a variety of tactics she uses to manage all of the priorities in her life; batching tutoring sessions on two days per week, working in 20 minute increments, not staying up late, doing her most important and creative work in the morning before her family gets up, and not obsessing over every detail in the lessons for her students.

Maria’s advice to other working moms: you’re doing great, be the best example for your children and do something that creatively aligns with you.

Besides spending time with her family, her full-time job, and her side hustle, Maria blogs about literacy and minimalism at And, take a peek into Maria’d daily schedule here.

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