Working Moms Who Side Hustle Podcast Ep. 5: Don't Quit Your Day Job--Building Multiple Side Hustles and 6-Figure Streams of Income with Event Planning Extraordinaire Natasha Bolden

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As a working mom, you probably feel overtaxed, overtired, and if you’re anything like me—it’s hard to fathom fitting one more thing into your already packed days.

Enter Natasha Bolden. Natasha is a 27-year Corporate veteran who built a 6-figure Event Planning business from scratch 20+ years ago while raising three children and working a traditional 9-5. Her children are grown now, but instead of relishing the free time that not having school-age children can bring, she started two additional side hustles, in addition to her Events Planning Biz and her 9-5.

Natasha’s personal goal is to build six 6-figure streams of income, and she’s well on her way!

Listen to the show to find out how Natasha built her business, the challenges she faced along the way, her time management system, how solving a problem in her business led her to start another side hustle, and she dishes about an event “gone bad”.

Contrary to popular wisdom, Natasha didn’t quit her 9-5, and has no plans to quit in the future. She “loves her day job”! Listen to how she thinks about her day job….this might be the mindset shift you need to get your side hustle off the ground!

This is an amazing interview with an amazing mompreneur side hustler!

To see a typical day in Natasha’s life, click HERE. And to learn more about Natasha and her businesses, visit her on the web:

Natasha’s bio:

Natasha is no stranger to entrepreneurship as she aspired at an early age to be her own boss and later in life wanted to leave a legacy for her children. Her life philosophy is ... “Time waits for no one, live every day to the fullest ~ conquer your dreams and live life with purpose”. She has packaged her plan and motivation for success into a three-letter acronym, "DPA" symbolizing Dream-Plan-Action and believes following this philosophy and model is what gives her fulfillment and the success she has achieved thus far.  Natasha is a nationally certified Event, Wedding and Corporate Meeting Planner and has over 25 years of Corporate service and leadership. She has combined her acquired skills along with her talents to form Phenomenal Events By Bolden and Company, a full service Event Management Firm and Phenomenal Events University, a private institution catering to event professionals.  Natasha takes great pride in her gift and ability to motivate and inspire others to fulfill their dreams of entrepreneurship and dedicates countless hours coaching and mentoring aspiring corporate leaders and entrepreneurs.  Although she is passionate about her work, Natasha boasts that her greatest joy comes from her loving family, husband Rev. Willie Bolden III, and their three children.

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