Working Moms Who Side Hustle Podcast Ep. 8: Challenge Yourself to Use Live Video to Push Past Fear and Build a Mindset Coaching Business with Carina Groombridge

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On the show today, we have Carina Groombridge from Carina Groombridge Coaching.

Carina is an Engineer in the Aerospace Industry and works a traditional 9-5 in the office. After she had her daughter, she realized she wasn’t passionate about engineering and began searching for another career. She wanted to show her daughter, by example, that she could do whatever she wanted to do in life. But Carina felt that she wasn’t living true to her own advice.

She first discovered sleep coaching and life coaching, and further down the road, she had a “lightbulb” moment while talking to a fellow coach. She instantly “knew” that mindset coaching was the path that she really wanted to pursue.

Carina faced the same issues that every new entrepreneur faces when starting out—the fear of being seen and judged, and gaining enough exposure to get the ball rolling. To combat this, she just took action. She pushed past the fear of being seen, and challenged herself to do 21 days (in a row) of Facebook Lives! This helped her to get visible and soon thereafter, she got her first client!

Take a peek into the daily routines of Carina HERE.

More About Carina:

Carina Groombridge loves helping fellow MomBosses get over their mental blocks and grow their business. She is a Mindset and Success Coach and believes that no matter what has happened in life so far you can turn your dreams into reality. When Carina’s not working you’ll probably find her chasing her three kids, sweating it out in an exercise class or drinking a nice Pinot Noir with friends.

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