Working Moms Who Side Hustle Podcast Ep. 9: Finding a Niche From Real Life Experience and One Simple Strategy to Build a Sleep Consulting Business with Rachel Turner

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I had a wonderful time interviewing mompreneur Rachel Turner of Hello Sleep. A few years ago, after getting her second child sleeping through the night before her maternity leave ran out, Rachel thought she might be on to something. So many of us went through months and months of sleepless nights and seriously diminished performance at our 9-5 after returning to work. Rachel knew she could help others with her knowledge and decided to strike out on her own as an Infant and Child Sleep Consultant. She loved the idea of helping tired parents get more rest so they could be more present and available.

She completed a sleep consulting certification program and remains certified to date.

Rachel opens up about how she got her first client, how she plans her content calendar, and most intriguingly, how she used (and continues to use) one simple strategy to build her business: she asks for things. Most of us are afraid to do this one simple thing because we’re afraid of being rejected. Listen to the show to see how asking the question has helped to build Rachel’s credibility as a sleep expert.

This was a fantastic interview so many valuable nuggets of advice! Finally, for a glimpse into a day in Rachel’s life, go HERE.

More About Rachel:

Hello! I’m Rachel Turner, Certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant and owner of Hello Sleep, and infant and child sleep consultant company.

I’ve always had a passion for my own sleep and just because we had kids now I didn’t want to lose that! My love for good sleep definitely evolved when my girls Madelyn and Roslyn were born and I’ve used these techniques with my children and know they work! I got both my girls sleeping by 12 weeks before I had to go back to work from maternity leave. My son Jack was just born in 2018 and he definitely brings truth to the the saying   “every child is sooo different” !  He was a lot fussier than the girls, had reflux and digestion issues.. and just always seemed so uncomfortable! For those parents that have been told they have a colicky baby- I FEEL YOU ! I have been there and I know how hard it is. Even as a trained sleep consultant I was stressed, and sleep deprived and feel everything you have with a baby that just couldn’t sleep well ! But with consistency and the gentle sleep techniques I use, I know I can get your baby sleeping well whether they are 3 months old or 3 years old!

I’ve trained with the best ,Dana Obleman, that created the Sleep Sense Training program and am part of a wonderful network of over 200 consultants  from across the world!  I’ve learned more than I ever thought about sleep! I am eager to work with parents to teach their children healthy sleep routines at bedtime and naps.

Sleep can be so challenging on not only the children but stressful for mom, dad and home life! It doesn’t have to be that way and that’s where I come in. I look forward to working with you to fix any sleep issues in your child’s life… I hope you can say Hello Sleep again ! Book a Free Call with me TODAY !

Resources Mentioned On The Show:

Rachel’s 5 Top 5 Sleep Tips

The Sleep Certification Program Rachel is a part of: Dana Obleman’s Sleep Sense Certification Program

SBA (Small Business Association)



Listen to the Episode:

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