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MIndset by Carol Dweck


App Sumo’s mantra is that the “tools you need to grow your business shouldn’t put you out of business.” It’s the Groupon of daily deals for digital products and online services. Personally, I’ve found some of the very best deals and resources for my side hustle on this site. For example, practically every picture I use on this website and in my Pinterest pins are from a deal that I found on this site. Stock photos can be pricey (for good ones!), but the deal I got was for $0.49/image on App Sumo. Check out their store—you’ll find some interesting and fabulous deals…including stuff you never knew you needed.


Mindset by Carol Dweck

This is my #1 of all time, most indispensable, must-read book for everyone.  This is the book that I picked up in an effort to help my son with some mental game issues he was having in baseball.  But the book proved to be so much more than a sports psychology resource.  It was my gateway to the whole world of possibility.  Dr. Dweck's research will convince you that you can change your mindset.  We all can.

Success Principles Book.jpg


After Dr. Dweck's book, Jack Canfield's "The Success Principles" is a close second.  It's the perfect complement to "Mindset".  This is a pretty hefty book, but it's broken down into manageable and easy to digest sections.  This book will help you to get past all of your limiting beliefs.  This was such a great book that I bought the teen version for my 14 year old son and made it required reading over the summer.  

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Drive Book.jpg

The 7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen Covey

I have to admit that this book is not easy to get through. But if you do get through it, you’ll find it to be super valuable and an indispensable part of your personal growth library. It’s one of the most impactful books I’ve read—and it’s how I learned what has become the basis for my time management system. This book is well worth the effort.



I wrote an article about this book (read it here). Intrinsic motivation is fascinating and it’ll likely turn your long held beliefs upside down about using external rewards to incentivize behavior. Use the information from this book to help you with your relationships at work and at home!