25 Ways Working Moms Can Earn Side Money Right Now

25 Ways Working Moms Can Earn Side Money RN

So, you need to make some cash and you need it now.

I think that the best way for working moms to earn a side income is to start a side hustle business where we can work from home on our own time. But building an online business is typically a long game. Which doesn’t help you right now.

It takes time to start any business and there’s no real short cut to success. That being said, there are ways to make money that are quicker than others. And since I often get asked about the fastest way to earn some side cash, I thought I’d put together this list. In my opinion, the fastest way to earn some side cash is to offer a service in your local area. You’ll need to network and advertise, but the payoff will be much quicker than setting up shop online.

Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Do household tasks.

Get paid to do household tasks, like assembling a bookshelf, cleaning a kitchen or bathroom, mounting a TV, packing and moving boxes, or even returning items to a department store.  Sign up on taskrabbit.com to find jobs in your area.

2.  Buy low and resell. 

Buy items at a low price and resell them on Craig’s List.  

3.  Fix, up-cycle or refurbish items for resale. 

Do you have a knack for refurbishing or up-cycling items?  Do you know how to sand and stain or paint furniture?  A friend of mine finds furniture that people have abandoned. She fixes, paints, and then resells the items on Craig’s List.  Bonus: you can find free items on Craig’s List to turn for a profit.

4.  Tutoring.

Provide tutoring services in your local area.  Talk to your mom network, your kid’s friends’ parents, and the teachers at your local elementary school.  

5. Wash cars. 

Put up signs around your neighborhood to direct cars to your location.

6.  Wash windows. 

There will always be people in the market for window washing services, because they don’t have the time or energy to do it themselves.  You can simply walk around your neighborhood to get jobs.

7.  Sell stuff on eBay, Amazon, and Etsy.

Sell stuff lying around your house on eBay (or buy them at a low price and then sell). Re-sell your books, CDs, and DVDs on Amazon. Create jewelry and/or handcrafted items for sale on Etsy. I resold items on eBay for a few years and was able to make a very good side income doing so.

Caveat:  This may take a bit longer than doing local service gigs in your area.  However, if you have in-demand, popular items that are priced competitively, it’s possible to make your sale in the first week.  You will also need an inventory of items (i.e. up front investment) to sell.

8. Event photographer (birthday parties, reunions, destination weddings) or portrait photographer.

Do you have a DSLR camera and have you always enjoyed photography?  There is a market for event photography for birthday parties, reunions, as well as for family or kids’ portraits.

Typically, wedding photographers are booked months in advance, so normal weddings wouldn’t be the fastest way to make money.  That being said, if you live in a popular tourist destination, you could offer destination wedding photography that’s booked within a shorter time frame. 

9.  Personal training: 

Are you a fitness buff?  Use your knowledge and experience to provide personal training services.

10.  House Cleaning.

Go door to door in your neighborhood.  Good, honest, and reliable house cleaners are in high demand.  Once you get your first satisfied client, the word of mouth will spread and you may soon be turning down jobs.  

11.  Walk Dogs.

If you can round up more than one dog at a time, you can make some decent money.  Sign up on rover.com , or advertise locally at your neighborhood vet and the dog parks.

12.  Babysit.

There is high demand for trustworthy babysitters.  Similar to house cleaning, if you build a reputation for being smart, honest, and trustworthy, word will spread and you will have more than enough jobs. Network with the moms you know to get started.

13.  Painting.

Can you do touch up painting, interior or exterior painting in your area?  Many people are too busy to get around to this type of maintenance.

14.  Yard Work.

Offer to mow lawns, trim shrubs, water lawns and plants, and pull weeds.  

15.  Pop-up art, dance, music, movement classes.

Do you have background in art, dance, or do you play a musical instrument?  Can you round up a group of moms and offer art classes on the weekends to toddlers?  Or teach movement or guitar classes? You can create a “pop-up” class, one that is on demand and in an area that’s available and convenient.

16.   Private sports coaching (i.e. softball hitting, conditioning, pitching, soccer drills, tennis lessons)

Were you a standout player in high school or college?  Have you been coaching your kids’ sports?  Can you offer a special service, like hitting, pitching, or tennis lessons to your kids’ friends and classmates?

17.  Advertise locally for resume services, graphic design, web design, writing. 

You can do all of these things online at fiverr.com, upwork.com, and guru.com.  However, you’ll be competing with thousands of other freelancers and it may be difficult to get found and paid at first.  So, the quickest route to get paid for these types of services is to offer them in your local area.

18.  Garage sale.

Clean out your attic and have a garage sale. 

19.  Catering.

Prepare full meals or desserts for events.  

20.  Personal Assistant.

Be a personal assistant.  I knew someone who had a personal assistant; she tasked her assistant with things like grocery shopping, setting appointments, scheduling events on her calendar, shopping for gifts, taking her car for servicing, picking up her kids from school, and coordinating the rest of the staff who kept the household in order.  

21.  Hairstylist and Makeup Artist.

Have you always had a talent and passion for hair and makeup?  Are you the go-to person in your group for hair and makeup on Girls Night Out?  If so, you can earn some decent cash by providing these services for weddings, pageants, and proms.  I did this as a side gig for a bit, see my article here about how much I loved it and why I stopped. In my area, I could easily earn $100+ for hair and makeup, with a tip to boot! Go for the 1-2 punch and offer your photography services (if you have those skills) as a bundle.

22.  Event and Party Planning.

Plan local parties and events for a fee.

23.  Be a Delivery Person.

Deliver items for doordash.com and postmates.com

24.  Pet sitting/House sitting.

Get paid to house sit or pet sit.  Again, word of mouth spreads fast. We hire a family friend to house-sit and pet-sit for us when we go on vacation. We need to let her know months in advance, because she is always booked!

25.  Inspect buildings, homes, cars, jewelry, etc for insurance companies.

You’ll likely need to submit a report as well take photos. (wegolook.com)

And there you have it. I hope this list gave you some ideas that you can run with right now. And if starting an online side hustle sounds interesting to you, sign up below to get my Guide to 50 Side Hustle Ideas for Working Moms—all work from home jobs!


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