10 Simple Tips: How To Choose Your Mommy Blog Name

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So you’ve decided to become a mommy blogger. Congrats on taking the first steps to start your mom blog!

There’s never been a better time to get started because the technology and tools available make it so easy—there’s really no barrier to entry. Anyone who wants to put something out there can do it, and can do it quickly! Even if you’re a mom with a full-time day job, you can still get your mom blog off the ground in a week. Yes, that’s right. A week. I’m working on another article as we speak to help you with this!

Starting a mommy blog is not hard. As simple as it is, though, there are some tough decisions to be made—like whether or not to self-host or to use an existing platform.

And then, there’s the fun stuff, like choosing a theme/design scheme. But before you get started with designing your mommy blog website, you need to choose a blog name. This is one of the hardest and most exciting decisions you’ll make! Be sure to choose your blog name in earnest—you’ll want to avoid changing your blog name once you start, given all the hard work you’ll do with marketing your blog and building your brand. (Of course, there are exceptions to this, but in general, you’ll want to choose a blog name that’ll be with you for the long haul.)

Here are some tips to help you find the perfect mommy blog name.


What is your blog about?

First, you’ll need to be clear on what your blog is about. What is the main topic and focus of your blog? What are the subjects that you’ll be blogging about?

For example, will you provide readers with easy weeknight meals and recipes? Do you have a knack for putting together cute outfits on the spot and want to launch a lifestyle/fashion blog for new moms? Do other moms ask you about your well behaved toddler and you want to share your your experience and advice?

First things first, clearly identify your blog topic and the subjects you’ll blog about.

Who is your target audience or ideal customer?

Second, once you’ve selected your blog topic, you’ll need to identify your target audience.

Will you be speaking to stay-at-home moms, working moms, moms who have children with special needs, moms who love couponing, or moms who love running marathons?

Are you speaking to millennial moms, middle age moms or empty nesters?

You’ll need to know who you’re speaking to in order to crystallize the design and feel of your blog.

For example, my blog is a resource blog for working moms who are thinking about starting a side hustle, or working moms who are side hustling.

A friend of mine hosts a podcast for moms with special needs children who want to start a service-based online business called “Mama Build Your Empire” (Listen here: https://mamabuildyourempire.podbean.com/)

See how we’ve really drilled down to identify our specific audience?

(A word of advice here: if you’re just getting started, you might be taking an educated guess at this. It’s ok. Write down the profile of the audience you think you’re speaking to and go with that. Along your blogging journey, you’ll likely be pivoting and refining your customer avatar, so don’t let this step keep you from moving forward).

Also—if you need help with identifying the niche for your home based or online side business, get out Niche Finder Workbook by signing up below. It’ll help you get clear on who you’re targeting with your biz!


What is the tone of your blog?

Next, think about the tone and voice of your blog.

Is it a serious and authoritative expert blog? Or will your blog document your fitness journey that’ll be written to communicate in the same way you’d talk to your BFF? Will you offer advice and real and raw observations as a stay at home mom transitioning to full time work?

Will your blog be funny and light, inspirational, or hard hitting and serious?

Will you be the face of your brand?

Another important factor to consider is whether or not your business will be built around you. Will you be the face of your brand?

If so, your blog name might be your name, like one of my favorite authors, Jen Sincero. Or perhaps your business will be named after you and what you do, like my Mompreneur friends—Fitness Coach Allison Jackson at AllisonJacksonFitness.com and Marketing Specialist Lesley Krone at KroneMarketing.com.

Will you be building a brand around your Company name?

Do you want your company name to be front and center, as opposed to your personal name?

For example, Kate Ahl’s Pinterest Strategy blog “Simple Pin Media”, Michelle Tam’s Paleo recipe blog “Nom Nom Paleo” and Joanna Goddard’s lifestyle blog “A Cup of Jo” are all built around their company name.


You’ve completed the preliminary steps of identifying the subject/topic of your blog, your blog’s audience, the tone of your blog, and whether or not the blog will be based on your company name or will be a personal brand (where you’ll use your own name). Great work!

Now you’re ready to start choosing your mom blog name!

Here are some tips that’ll help you do just that.

TIP #1: Create a Company name that easily communicates what you do and the solution you provide.

Consider creating a blog name that people will immediately understand your mission, such as Chungah Rhee’s recipe blog “Damn Delicious”, Tanesha Awasthi’s blog “Girl With Curves” or Darren Rowse’s blog “ProBlogger”.

When you come across “Damn Delicious”, you know you’ll be getting mouth-watering recipes. With “Girl With Curves”, you can guess that it has something to do with curvy gals and fashion. And with “ProBlogger”, it’s obvious that they help you build a pro blog!

TIP #2: Use a “formula’ to help you create your mom blog name.

If you’re stuck, try a few “formulas” to get started.

1. The Simple Formula:

[ BLOG NAME ] = (target audience) + (desired end result)

Note: The components can be switched around in any order

Without knowing it, I used this formula for my blog name:

[ MOM REMIX ] = (target audience: moms) + (desired end result: creating a new version of mom)

Another example of this is from Monica Froese’s blog where she reverses the formula.

[REDEFINING MOM ] = (desired end result: a new definition) + (target audience: moms)

2. The Descriptive Formula

[What is your blog about?] +

[ What are words (adjectives) that describe your brand, your content your audience’s desired end result?] +

[Who is your audience?}

For example:


Note: You can try any variation of this (in any order)

Real (adjective) + Mom (audience) + Hacks (topic) = Real Mom Hacks

Thrifty (adjective) + Crafty (topic) + Kids (audience) = Thrifty Crafty Kids

Frugal (adjective) + Family (audience) + Eats (topic) = Frugal Family Eats

Healthy (adjective) + Working (audience) + Lunches (topic) = Healthy Working Lunches

TIP #3: Put together two words (related or not) for a cool name.

Here are some real life blog name examples:

Copy + Blogger = copyblogger.com

Face + Book = facebook.com

You + Tube = youtube.com

Word + Press = wordpress.com

Square + Space = squarespace.com

In + Style = instyle.com

Snap + Chat = snapchat.com

Ever + Note = evernote.com

Stub + Hub = stubhub.com

Drop + Box = dropbox.com

Fab + Fit + Fun = fabfitfun.com

Buzz + Feed = buzzfeed.com

Hub + Spot = hubspot.com

TIP #4: Abbreviate and shorten words, then blend them together!

Pin + Interest = pinterest.com

Instant + Telegram = instagram.com

Crowd + Broadcast = crowdcast.com

University + Academy = udemy.com

Electronic + Rebates = ebates.com

Group + Coupon = groupon.com

Spot + Identify = spotify.com

TIP #5: Misspell words that are pronounced the way they look:





TIP #6: Make up words that have a nice ring to it:

trello.com (project management app)

twitter.com (social media app)

quora.com (website with thousands of forums on every imaginable topic)

coursera.com (online courses)

waze.com (navigation/traffic app)

canva.com (online graphic design app)

voxer.com (push to talk/record app)

TIP #7: Keep it short and sweet.

The longer your company name is, the harder it is for people to remember it. Although there are exceptions to this, as a brand new blogger, try to make it as easy as possible for your audience to remember your blog name by keeping it short!

Also, use words that aren’t complicated or difficult to spell. For example, you wouldn’t want to name your blog using words like superfluous, conscience or leisure, which are commonly misspelled words.

TIP #8: Use Creative Blog Name Generators.

Create a catchy blog name by using web tools to generate some creative blog names!

  1. Wordoid. Super cool website that gives you made up names combining two words. For example, when I created a wordoid “containing” the word fitness, it generated “fitnessent”, “fitnessmen”, and “fitnessed”.

  2. Panabee

  3. Invent-a-word (https://www.degraeve.com/invent-a-word/index.php?w=assistant&n=3&f=1). I love this site. It can generate some really neat made-up words for you!

  4. Name Mesh

TIP #9: Write it down and make sure it looks good on paper.

It’s one thing to say a name out loud, and another to look at it in print. Take a look at how your blog name looks like in print, and also how it looks as your domain name when all the words are scrunched together without spaces.

For example, if you’re seriously considering Frugal Family Eats or Healthy Working Lunches as your business name, take a look at how frugalfamilyeats.com and healthyworkinglunches.com look.

If it all looks good, and for the final check, think about how you feel about the name.

Do you truly like it? Is it catchy and easy to remember?

Remember that your blog name is your online ID, so be sure that you’re comfortable with, and you really like the blog name you came up with.

TIP #10: Is your domain name available?

Woo Hoo! You’re ready to own it and to lock down your blog name. Now you’ll need to check to see if your potential mommy blog name is available. (I’m crossing my fingers for you!)

Check the availability of your domain name by typing it in on godaddy.com. I purchased the domain names for my first three blogs on godaddy.com because they always had great deals and specials, and they’re one of the biggest domain registrars out there. I wanted to go with a company I could trust.

In fact, when my 3rd domain up for renewal (and they couldn’t process the payment to renew it because my payment method had expired), they called me personally to let me know. We took care of the renewal over the phone in a few minutes!

You can also check domain availability on other web domain registrars such as name.com or namecheap.com.

If your domain is available, you can either buy it now, or if you can do it in one fell swoop when you sign up for a hosting plan with a provider like Squarespace. (This is how I purchased my domain name for this site, www.momremix.com. I just wanted a fast and easy process!)

Tell me, what mommy blog name did you come up with? Drop me a line to let me know—I’d be so happy to hear about it and to share in your excitement as you become a mommy blogger!

Jennifer Wilson