How To Deal With Failure and Setbacks In Four Steps

How To Deal with Failure and Setbacks

NOTE: I created a video about this exact topic. If you prefer, you can watch it here.

I watched a video recently with one of my favorite internet entrepreneurs, Marie Forleo.  Marie interviewed Dr. Catherine Collautt, and they chatted about how to deal with setbacks and failure.  

Dr. Collautt outlined four steps to help you overcome setbacks and failure:

1.  You must learn to deal with and overcome setbacks and failure.  Dr. Collautt states we should think of it in terms of necessity as opposed to possibility.  Don't wonder, "How is it possible for me to overcome failure?" and think instead, "I have to find a way to deal with and overcome failure when it does happen".  Because failure and setbacks are a certainty in life.

2.  Recognize that success and failure are on the same path.  Don’t think of success and failure as two separate roads; they’re actually on the same road. Dr. Collautt says you need to relax about your failures!  Successful people fail more often than other people because they don't view failure as judgment of their entire being.

3.  Celebrate the effort, not the result.  Dr. Collautt says we should genuinely applaud the effort, and that it should not be tied to results.

4.  Confine your conclusions.  Don't let the specific failure define you.  The specific task, project, or activity that is the subject of the failure is NOT about you as a person and your entire self-worth.  

Following these four steps can help you to redefine what failure means to you.  Freeing yourself from the fear of failure may be the mindset shift you need to allow you to reach outside your comfort zone. 

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